Gingerbread learning activities and unit

Is it the warm, spicy scent? Maybe the playful, colorful decorations? Perhaps it the feisty way they were characterized in Shrek? Something about Gingerbread Men makes them a Christmas favorite and that’s why this Gingerbread Unit is one I do every year.

A Gingerbread Man story time or unit are fun to do this time of year with preschoolers. Below are some fantastic gingerbread themed books to read aloud and loads of delicious learning activities to dive into afterwards.

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Gingerbread Man Story Time + Unit Ideas

This week the Virtual Book Club for Kids has created a whole host of ideas about Gingerbread inspired by Gingerbread Baby by Jan BrettThis sweet story is a great jumping off point for a wide variety of activities and our story time!

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Gingerbread Story Time with Free Printable

Picture Books about Gingerbread.

There are quite a few fun books about Gingerbread and the Gingerbread Man. These are my favorites for reading aloud.

Gingerbread Baby
by Jan Brett

A little boy makes a gingerbread baby and it escapes! This book is full of excitement and adventure that lends itself to being read aloud. I love the cute, surprise ending.

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The Gingerbread Man
by Jim Aylesworth

This is a sweet version of The Gingerbread Man. Playfully told and gently illustrated. Encourage your listeners to join in on the refrain!

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Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy
by Lara Ede and Tim Bugbird

This book was recommended to me when my twins were deep in their fairy obsession, so I immediately added this to our to-read list. It is a fun book about a fairy who runs a gingerbread store until another fairy shows up with a glittery plastic store. The message in the end is that both can have value and more old fashioned ideas, like gingerbread, need not be replaced entirely. As a girl who likes her old fashioned, simple Christmas I loved the fairy infused message.

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The Gingerbread Pirates
by Kristin Kladstrup

This is just silliness. Jim and his mom make Gingerbread Men cookies on Christmas Eve. His favorite is Captain Cookie who he puts by his bed at night. While Jim sleeps Captain Cookie comes to life and goes on an adventure to save his pirate crew from Santa Claus.

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Gingerbread Christmas
by Jan Brett

Another gingerbread delight by Jan Brett. A gingerbread band, a merry chase and Jan Brett delightful illustrations. This is a fun Christmas story.

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Gingerbread Patterning Activity

For our group time activity I made some simple gingerbread printables to work on patterning.

Set Up:

I printed them out, cut out the gingerbread people, and then laminated them with contact paper. I also grabbed masking tape and a cookie sheet.


We did this activity during Group the first time. To start, we used just two colors and made a simple AB pattern.

I passed out the gingerbread people to my kids, but kept four cards for myself.

After putting up the start to our simple Gingerbread Men pattern on our group board, the kids took turns showing me what came next by adding their Gingerbread Men to the pattern.


We just used masking tape to stick the Gingerbread Men to a cookie sheet (too corny cute for me to resist), but you could also add felt or magnets to the backs to make this work on different surfaces.

After the first pattern, I gave them each a chance to start a pattern of their own. This would be difficult with a larger group, but could be done during a small group Math center.


After group time, this Gingerbread Printable was used again as a morning invitation. If I was doing this activity with a Story Time or Group Time, I would have put them out at the Math Center after story time.

Download:  FREE Gingerbread Printables

Gingerbread learning activities and unit

More Gingerbread Unit Ideas

Together with my Virtual Book Club for Kids co-hosts, here are some more creative learning activities to do with during a Gingerbread Themed Story Time or Unit.

Literacy Activities

Craft Activities

Gingerbread Story Time Printables

STEM Activities

Non gingerbread holiday houses

Cooking Activities

Gross Motor Activities


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