Kid Made Christmas Ornaments Picture Book Inspired

Tis the season for giving. My kids love to make ornaments and other gifts. They love being able to proudly gift a friend or family member something they made or pull out their own ornaments to decorate our tree every year. I love the excuse to crank Christmas carols, drink cocoa, and create with them.

Wherever you work with children, here are some fun children’s book inspired ornaments that kids can make. We have made all of these, but they do range in difficulty and time involved. I have indicated this below along with links to details on how to make each ornament.

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Ornaments Kids Can Make Inspired by Picture Books

5 Christmas Books + Ornaments Kids Can Make

1. Jingle Bell Ornaments

These super simple ornaments are perfect for toddlers and younger preschoolers.

Read: Llama Llama Jingle Bells by Anna Dewdney

Make: Jingle Bell Ornaments

Difficulty: Super Easy

Time Involved: 10-15 minutes

2. Sweet Smell of Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are based on one of my all time favorite Christmas books. I was thrilled to share this book with my kids for the first time when they were toddlers and it has become an annual favorite. The ornaments are simple and fun to make.

Read: Sweet Smell of Christmas

Make: Scented Pinecone Ornaments

Difficulty: Easy

Time Involved: 10-20 minutes

3. Pom Pom Ornaments

I think these super simple ornaments could be paired with any picture book about Christmas Trees, but I included one of my favorites below. We read a couple books about trees and then made these colorful bulb ornaments to decorate our own tree.

Read: The Last Christmas Tree

Make: Simple Pom Pom Ornaments

Difficulty: Super Easy

Time Involved: 10-20 minutes

4. Kid Made Carpenter Tree Ornaments

These are hands down my favorite ornaments that we have made. You are going to probably be frightened by the time commitment and difficulty here, but the link has super helpful directions that walk you through every step. My kids were SO proud of themselves when we finished these and they look gorgeous on our tree.

Read: The Carpenter’s Gift

Make: Kid Made Carpenter Tree Ornaments

Difficulty: Hard

Time Involved: 2+ hours

5. Star Bright Ornaments

I adore this beautiful book for the illustrations and the creative story and the warm message. This year we made ornaments inspired by this wonderful story – details are coming next week!

Read: Star Bright: A Christmas Story

Make: Star Bright Ornaments

Difficulty: Easy

Time Involved: 15-30 minutes

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