Decorating a gingerbread house is a pretty classic Christmas activity, but it requires planning and preparation. I have never had it quite together enough to make Gingerbread and one of my kids has a severe allergy to Dairy so the kits you can buy don’t work for us. I am also a little too spontaneous in my desire to bake and create sweet things.

When my kids were toddlers, we started a new tradition: Graham Cracker houses.

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Graham Cracker Houses are easier for me because they usually require things I have on hand. Graham Crackers, Frosting and some random small candy can usually be found in our house. This year I also learned that even that list of ingredients is negotiable.

The kids and I had been pondering the idea of making Gingerbread houses all week and one afternoon we decided to do it. I had assumed, mistakenly, that we had frosting. When we headed to the kitchen and discovered we didn’t, I did what any normal mom with anxious four year olds would do, I improvised.

First, I tried to make frosting. That turned out watery and horrible.

non gingerbread houses christmas

Then we moved on to marshmallows. We melted some in the microwave (which is a fun activity all on it’s own) and then I got to work trying to use the gooey sticky result as glue to hold the crackers together before it cooled and hardened. I seriously broke a sweat, but this not only worked but once it cooled it really held the crackers together well.

Unfortunately, at this point we were ready to decorate but we were out of marshmallows.

A quick glance through the cabinets came up with my next brainstorm : peanut butter. That’s sticky, right?

non gingerbread holiday houses

It worked like a charm. Peanut butter was spread all over the crackers and my kids quickly got to work attaching candy to their houses.

Our last flourish was to add sprinkles. To the houses, the table, the floor. Thank goodness for our little Robo Vacumn.

And then, believe it or not, our kids at these things. I’m honestly not sure how graham crackers, marshmallow, peanut butter, and dairy free candy covered in sprinkles tastes….but they had no complaints.

So how do you make one of these creations? Directions are below. Otherwise, just wing it.

Gingerbread Read + Craft for Preschoolers

Read: Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy by Lara Ede and Tim Bugbird

This book was recommended to me when my twins were deep in their fairy obsession, so I immediately added this to our to-read list. It is a fun book about a fairy who runs a gingerbread store until another fairy shows up with a glittery plastic store. The message in the end is that both can have value and more old fashioned ideas, like gingerbread, need not be replaced entirely. As a girl who likes her old fashioned, simple Christmas I loved the fairy infused message. Find Online.

More Books About Gingerbread

The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup
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Gingerbread Christmas by Jan Brett
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Create: Graham Cracker Houses

Non gingerbread holiday houses


Whether you are doing this with your kids at home, a classroom full of students, or a group of kids and parents at the library – set up a station for each child as described below. If you are doing this with a larger group, the candy and sprinkles could be shared family style at each table of 4-6 kids.

Set Up:

Gather all of the ingredients. Get creative if you must.
I give each child a work station with their art mat, a plate, and a bowl for candy.
Start by building the sides of the house. I did this while the kids were napping when they were toddlers so they wouldn’t have to wait. With frosting, wait about 15 minutes before you start decorating. If you’re using marshmallow, be prepared to get sticky, but it dries super fast.


Click for 30 Festive Ornament Ideas for Kids


Invite your child to come decorate a Christmas house.

We let our kids go wherever they wanted with that. When they were two this was a jumble of icing and marshmallows. This year they seemed a little more aware of house parts like a window and door, but that doesn’t really matter.


Enjoy the process. Put on some Christmas carols and drink some cocoa.

Clean Up:

Eat the mess.

The plates and art mats go in the sink.

The table can get wiped down and then I put our trusty robo vacuum to work right away spot cleaning under the table. (We have this one, in case you’re curious)

non gingerbread holiday houses

Parts of this post were originally shared on Bambini Travel – our Parent Site.



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