A Snowy Day Story Time from My Storytime Corner

“Mommy it’s snowing!” “Mommy let’s go sledding!” “Mommy let’s build a snowman!” “Mommy where are my mittens?” Mommy needs a nap. 

Sound familiar?

My kids were SO excited about the snow and Winter this year. Children are fairly universally thrilled by snow. To them it is magical.

This story time is inspired by that love of snow. The yet-to-be-jaded enthusiasm for white flaky stuff falling from the sky.

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Picture Books about Winter & Snow

Featured Book: A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

This is the Virtual Book Club for Kids featured book this week. It’s a classic so I probably don’t need to explain that it follows sweet little Peter on his snowy day adventures. This is Ezra Jack Keats’ first picture book and it’s just perfection. Simple and sweet with delicious words and dreamy illustrations.

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If you haven’t already – you should check out this beautiful book about the making of A Snowy Day and Ezra Jack Keats. Fascinating, wonderfully written, and fun for generations of this classic book. Not a great story time read aloud for little kids, but absolutely worth reading.

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2. Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser

This book is the laugh out loud, slap your knee kind of funny. A squirrel decides to wait for Winter and drafts some other hibernators to the cause. Their ideas about what snow might look like and their waiting antics are hilarious. Told with minimal words and hilarious illustrations, this one is good for toddlers and up, but best with 3+

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3. Waiting for Snow by Marsha Diane Arnold

The delicate way these sweet characters were drawn is my favorite part of this book. Badger and his friends are anxiously waiting for snow to arrive. Their impatience is something all young children are likely to understand.

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Songs + Rhymes about Winter

5 Little Snowmen Finger Play from Strings, Keys, and Melodies

Mr. Snowman Song + Felt Board Activity from Little Story Bug


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Winter Science Activity

Melting Snowball Estimations

In the story of A Snowy Day, Peter puts a snowball in his pocket when he goes home and it melts. This part of the story was endlessly fascinating to my children and they LOVE experiments of any kind, thus our melting snowballs experiment was born.

This experiment is very simple and easy to prep.


Tray with a Rim or Large Clear Bowl (so you can see the snowball but the water won’t make a huge mess)

A Snowball

Chart Paper



At the beginning of Group Time bring in a real snowball and place it on a tray.

Ask your kids to make a hypothesis about how long it will take the snowball to melt. Write their predictions down on a chart or large piece of paper.

In between stories or activities, check on the snowball throughout the story time.

Ask questions! Were there estimations close? What made the snow melt faster or slower than they thought? How could they make the snowball melt slower? How could they make it melt faster?

Record their ideas and if they’re interested you could try again or encourage them to try their ideas at home depending on your setting.


Snowy Day Story Time with Snow Ball Winter Science Activity

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