Picture Books for Preschoolers inspired by Mem Fox and the Global Read Aloud

Can one book bring the world together? That seems like a lofty goal, but maybe just maybe it can at least for a month.

The Global Read Aloud attempts to achieve just that every Fall.

The premise of the project is that people around the world choose one book, or in the case of picture books one author, and all read it at the same time around the world.

Now, the Global Read Aloud project is aimed at classrooms and teachers – but I think regardless of who you are, if you read aloud to young children then you can participate too.

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We are definitely in. Are you?

This year the project runs from early October through mid-November. Everyone reads picture books by the same author and does activities related to these books. I thought it would be fun to build this month’s A Read A Day challenge around the Global Read Aloud challenge’s picture book author:

Mem Fox

Mem Fox is a children’s book master who has been tackling this difficult art form for decades. You can read more about Mem on her website: http://memfox.com/

The reading challenge below is built around Mem Fox’s books and some of the themes found most often in them;

note: these are just SOME of the themes. Her books are diverse and wonderful

  • Playful learning of basic concepts
  • Animals, Especially Australian Animals
  • Babies
  • Good night stories
  • Parenting Love Stories

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Best Pictures Books for Preschoolers
Inspired by the Global Read Aloud + Mem Fox

Since we are focusing on Mem Fox books, I encourage you to grab a bunch of her books and dive in with us – but don’t feel like you can only read books by Mem Fox. Our challenge lists Mem for the author spotlight each week, but the rest of the week is general book ideas.

1. Read a Book by Mem Fox : Yoo Hoo Ladybug

Part interactive look and find book, part fun story this one combines the genius of Mem Fox with the genius of Laura Ljungkvist. An absolute treat.

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2. Read a Look and Find or I – Spy Book: Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming

There are TONS of ISpy books and Look and Find books out there, but this is the one that reminds me the most of Yoo Hoo Ladybug. Barnyard Banter is a fun story for toddlers and up that takes you around the noisy farm. On each page you can spy the elusive goose.

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3. Read a Book about Shapes

Our whole Shapes Story Time is packed with Shapes books, including this gem, and activities inspiration.

4. Hide, Search, and Read Letters

Play a little game. Hide letters around a room (I usually use the ones from our ABC sound puzzle from Educents). Then have your kid(s) search for them and read them aloud when they find them. For older kids – hide their names, sight words, or spelling words.

5. Read a Book about Colors : Where’s Green Sheep? By Mem Fox

This playful book has you hunting around and learning colors at the same time. This one is a little harder to find these days in the US, but if you can it’s a sure bet win with toddlers.

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6. Read a Counting Book: Let’s Count Goats by Mem Fox

Playful and hilarious – this counting book is a romp.

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7. Read an ABC Book

Here are our top 5 favorite Alphabet picture books, including this one!

8. Read a Book by Mem Fox: Koala Lou

This darling book is about a busy Koala mama who sometimes forgets to say out loud just how much she loves her little Koala Lou.

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9. Read a book about Australian Animals: Over in Australia by Marianne Berkes

One of our favorite things about Mem Fox books are learning about Australian animals that seem so foreign and quirky and fun to us here in the states. This is one of my favorite versions of the Over in the Meadow song. It is full of fascinating Australian animals.

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10. Read a book about Kangaroos: Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle

We discovered this one when we did our Eric Carle author study – I’ll share more about that one soon! It’s a sweet story about a whole host of animals.

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11. Read a book about a Kookaburra: I See a Kookaburra! by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

There are not many books about Kookaburras in the US. Aussie friends I can’t wait to see what you share for this one! This one is about a range of animals around the world. It shows animals in their habitats and is full of details, textured illustrations and so much information.

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12. Read a book about a Wombat: Diary of a BABY Wombat by Jackie French

There are on the other hand tons of books about Wombats! Does anyone have a great list for me to work through? Or maybe I’ll make one..hmmm…let me know if there’s any interest in that. Anyways – this one is super cute. We liked Diary of a Wombat and this is the follow up. It’s a quirky sense of humor, but it suits me and I love the illustrations.

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13. Read a book about Koalas: The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright

I adore Koalas. This is based on basically no fact so please don’t ruin the illusion for me. They’re just so cute and quirky. I had a stuffed koala as a kid to which some of this can probably be attributed. The illustrations in this are darling and I so identify with Kevin’s struggle with change.

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14. Read a book about a Favorite Animal: Abigail by Catherine Rayner

My favorite animals are giraffes and dolphins. There are almost zero fiction books about dolphins, but there are tons of fun ones about giraffes. I adore this sweet book and all of Catherine Rayner’s books about animals.

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Visit: Mem Fox Author Study + Unit Pinterest Board

15. Read a Book by Mem Fox: Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

This is one of our all time favorite children’s books for babies. Babies far and wide all have ten little fingers and ten little toes. This simple, universal truth is what is so perfectly captured by Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury.

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16. Read a Book about Babies: Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers

I believe it is the diverse, detailed illustrations that truly drew us into this book. Sweet story about the universality of infancy and parenting. Beautiful book.

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17. Read a book about animal babies: Hello Baby! by Mem Fox

This is another Mem Fox book perfectly paired with an amazing children’s book illustrator. In this case it’s Steve Jenkins who captures her story and animals with his trademark, textured style.

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18. Read a book about babies around the world : Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

This book is about the universality of babydom. They might live in different corners of the world but they also all eat and sleep and cry.

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19. Read a book to your baby doll or stuffed animal

My kids are 6 and they still do this. It is beyond sweet. Whether they “read” or read a book to their stuffed animal or you read and they just join you snuggling on the chair this is a cozy read aloud option.

20. Read a Board Book about Baby Parts: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes… by Annie Kubler

There are some fun options in this category. This was one of our favorites. My twins still gleefully pull it out of the baby book box when we have little ones visiting.

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21. Read and Do Yoga Together to calm down before Nap or Bedtime

We also found this Toddler Yoga Routine for Hello Baby!

22. Read a Book by Mem Fox : Time for Bed

Time for Bed is a calming bedtime story. When my kids are off the wall with energy at bedtime this is my go to. The repetitive text and soothing illustrations are just perfect.

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23. Read a Book with a black spine

Sometimes I like the spontaneous fun of choosing a book based on little. In this case the color of the spine. Think of it as a reading adventure.

24. Read a book of nursery rhymes: Good Night Sleep Tight by Mem Fox

This is one of the most unique books in Mem’s collection. It is the story of a babysitter putting some little kids to bed with a serious of nursery rhymes. Our kids love the familiar rhymes and the repetitive refrain.

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25. Read a book about a babysitter: An Evening at Alfie’s by Shirley Hughes

I’m grateful that no babysitting experience I survived was ever as eventful as this one. This is one of my all time favorites.

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26. Read a collection of stories

I will share one of our favorite collections on Instagram soon, but I would LOVE to hear what yours are. This is one of my favorite gifts to give new moms so I would love more suggestions. Tag them to #areadaday for me.

27. Read a book under the covers

Did you read under the covers at night when you were a kid? Tell your kid you’re doing something silly and bring a flashlight under a blanket. We do this on the couch sometimes or on my bed. It’s cozy and silly and fun.

28. Read a good night story: Tell Me About Your Day Today by Mem Fox

This story about a little boy who talks to his stuffed animals before he goes to bed at night reminds me so much of my daughter. She absolutely lies in bed whispering to her animals like this. So sweet.

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29. Read a Book by Mem Fox: Harriet You Drive Me Wild

I’m smiling to myself writing this because this one also reminds me of my daughter. Anyone…and by that I’m pretty sure I mean any parent will understand the unconditional love for your child described in this book.

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30. Read a Book about Love: I Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker

This one has such a sweet message. In fact, I built a whole story time around it.

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31. Re-Read a new favorite: Nellie Belle by Mem Fox

This one you have to go to big lengths to order if you’re in the US, but it is a fun one for dog lovers.

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