Subway Childrens Books

When the train rushes past you into the station for the first time it takes your breath away for just a second no matter how old you are.

The first time we came to New York City with our twins there is no doubt about their favorite part of the city.

The subway train.

They were utterly fascinated by the entire experience. Truthfully I still find it a little magical that you can go underground in a quiet Brooklyn neighborhood and pop up a little while later in Times Square or by the One World Trade Center.

Whether you’re visiting a city with an underground train or living in one, these books will bring the experience alive. They will introduce your child to something different or mirror their life back to them with vibrancy and understanding.

Either is important.

These are the best children’s books about subways. They capture the diversity, the history, and the adventure of life under the city.

Best Children’s Books about the Subway

1.Subway by Anastasia Suen

This is the perfect little book for babies and toddlers who ride the subway. It brings to life the experience with vibrancy and excitement. The amazing Karen Katz did the illustrations and they capture the diversity and color of life in the city perfectly.

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2. Count 1 2 3 on the Subway by Paul DuBois Jacobs

This is such a cute counting book. It was one of our favorites during the time our twins obsessed over trains. Hand in hand a mom and child navigate the underground subway world. There’s lots of great vocabulary introduced in this one.

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Subway Ride by Heather Lynn Miller

3. Subway Ride by Heather Lynn Miller

All around the world kids ride the subway every day. This book takes you down into the subway, where you pay your fare and wait for the train. The simple text and joyful pictures tell the tale of a subway ride through the eyes of kids.

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The Secret Subway by Shana Corey

4. The Secret Subway by Shana Corey

Did you know that before the basement of New York City was full of streaming trains, there was a secret subway? This is the fascinating and true story of Alfred Ely Beach who had a big idea. Creatively brought to life with illustrations made with photos of 3D hand built sets and a revealing story.

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5. Subway  by Christoph Niemann

The bold illustrations. The numbers. The dad and two children. A thrilling subway ride. We love this.

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6. Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle

This is one of my favorite books period. I love the sweet simple story by Bluemle about people getting brought together in the subway by a quick storm. I love the layered and textured illustrations by Karas. A great depiction of life in the city.

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7.Subway Story by Julia Sarcone-Roach

There are old subway cars under the Atlantic being used to create reefs. Seriously. True Story. This book is a little sad but also completely fascinating.

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8.Lost in NYC by Nadja Spiegelman

This is for elementary school aged kids but it’s fun so I had to share! It’s a graphic novel that follows a crazy underground adventure of a class of children. The details. The colors. The glimpse at NYC. Loved it.

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Subway Childrens Books