Creative Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Books and for raising little bookworms

When my twins open their gifts on Christmas I want them to be excited but I also want them to unwrap something that they will use over and over all year long. Being avid bookworms and emergent readers often the best bet is a book themed gift. Books, of course, but also gifts that encourage, heighten, and deepen their love of books.

If you are looking for gifts for your little reader, like me, you want things that encourage their imaginations. You want gifts that inspire them to want to read something again and again. You want the present that will make them squeal with delight. For a little bookworm, these are those gifts.

Happy shopping, happy gifting, and as always, happy reading!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Bookworms

8+ Gift Ideas for Raising Bookworms

1. Books…and more books

This one is pretty obvious, but really you can’t make a list of ideas for bookworms without including books. Look below for my best recommendations for books to gift.

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2. Book + Stuffed Animal

A lot of familiar characters have been brought to life in the form of stuffed animals. This makes an easy and fun gift.

Simply buy a book from a favorite series, like this hilarious Elephant and Piggie book

Elephant and Piggie Book

And pair it with a stuffed animal version of the beloved characters – like these two cuties. 

Elephant and Piggie stuffed animals

My twins absolutely adore Elephant and Piggie (and stuffed animals) so this would be an awesome gift for them.

To Order this pair: Book + Stuffed Animals

3. Audio Books

We love listening to books on CD during Quiet Time and when we travel. You can buy a lot of books with CDs or borrow them from the library. Buy a couple favorites to enjoy year round in the car or at home.

Our favorite for Christmas time is the audiobook of The Polar Express. It is brilliantly narrated by Liam Neeson.

Find Online

4. Book + Finger Puppets

Another way to bring a story to life is by acting it out with finger puppets. You can buy a generic set of finger puppets, but it’s also fun to pair a favorite book with matching finger puppets.

For example, the Five Little Monkeys series has long been a favorite in our house. This pair of 5 Little Monkeys treasury book:

And matching finger puppets, like these adorable monkeys would be a simple gift that my kids would giggle with all year round.

To Order this pair: Book + Finger Puppets

5. Kids Art Lit Subscription

What could be better than amazing picture books? When they are paired with easy, open ended activities of course! I love these kits. The books are gorgeous and the activities are genius and it’s almost zero work for me. Bonus – there are enough supplies in each kit for two kids so our family only needs to order one! I can’t recommend this subscription enough.

Kid Art Lit Subscription gift idea

Learn more or Order Kid Art Lit

6. Literacy Game

Games are such a fun way to build literacy skills. We have a stack of word based kids games, like this fairytale mix-up game to My First Bananagrams, but our absolute favorite is Ukloo. It is scavenger hunt-like that seamlessly encourages early reading skills without your child even realizing it. It is simple and so much fun. My kids never tire of Ukloo. Best for 4+

Ukloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game for KidsOrder Ukloo

7. Book + Costume

For kids who love to read and imagine bringing a character to life can be a blast. My twins love to act out stories that they have read over and over again or pretend to be favorite characters.

To create this gift all you need is a book and a costume. For example, a Ladybug Girl Book:

And a Ladybug Girl Costume:

To Order This Pair: Ladybug Girl Book + Ladybug Girl Costume

8. Book for the Parents of Bookworms

This gift is actually for you, shhhh! If you have little bookworms like me then you likely spend hours scouring the internet for book related activities and lessons. This book puts a 50 awesome ideas based on books at your fingertips.


The authors did an excellent job choosing quality books and crafting a variety of activities to go with each. I love that all of the books are centered around the themes of friendship, acceptance, and empathy and that the activities are play based. This is perfect for preschoolers and early elementary school kids.

Learn more or Order Exploring Books Through Play

Creative Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Books and for raising little bookworms

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