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Have a move coming up with children? I feel you. We are packing everything we own into another moving van and moving from New York City to San Diego this month.

This is the fifth time we have done this since our twins were born.

The older they get the more we have found talking with them about our move and reading books about moving help them adjust to the idea.

One of my first stops after we find out we are moving is the library (although more and more of these books are finding their way into our permanent collection). I find books to be an incredibly wonderful starting point for important conversations.

When we found out our family was moving to Mississippi I started gathering books to read with our toddlers. When we moved from Mississippi to New York City I updated our faves list to include some books for early elementary schoolers as well. This is the list I’m using again for this move.

Here are our favorites.


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12 Best Children’s Books About Moving

1. We’re Moving by Heather Maisner
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A simple story about a girl and her little brother who move to a new house. Good discussions about getting settled in a new house. 1+

2.Berenstain Bears: Moving Day by Stan and Jan Berenstain
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The story of how the Berenstain bears moved into their treehouse before Sister was born. Brother is worried about the upcoming changes, but they eventually get happily settled in their new house with delightfully welcoming neighbors. 2+

3.Bella and Stella Come Home by Anika Denise
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A beautiful story about Bella moving to a new home with her stuffed friend, Stella the elephant. Dreamy soft illustrations that mirror Bella’s worry as she bravely explores her new home. 2+

4.Bad Bye Good Bye by Deborah Underwood
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Good book for little ones feeling sad about saying goodbyes. Simple and lovely illustrations with a good message about this difficult concept. 3+

5. Ned’s New Home by Kevin Tseng
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Ned is a worm and his home, an apple, is starting to rot. He goes off in search of a new home trying out a medley of fruit. A quirky, unique perspective look at finding a new home. 2+

6. Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House by Libby Gleeson
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This is a creative book that feels like a dream to me. A look at the loneliness and starkness of moving into a new home. Clancy moves to a new, bigger home that seems overwhelming. In his backyard he discovers a growing pile of boxes and with the help of a new friend begins to create something wonderful. 3+

7. Goodbye House by Frank Asch
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I absolutely love this book for little ones. The bear family is moving to a new house. Everything is packed up, but Baby Bear feels like he is forgetting something. Room by room the family says goodbye to their home. A sweet book about saying goodbye to your home and the importance of remembering. 2+

8. Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes
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Oh the lovely Shirley Hughes. In MOVING MOLLY, Molly’s family relocates to a larger home and her parents are thrilled. Molly takes a little while to adjust and Shirley Hughes captures her transition in her usual honest and compassionate way. 3+

9. Boomer’s Big Day by Constance W. McGeorge
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This book tells the story of a move through the eyes of a dog. We loved the unique perspective and it also opened my eyes to how moving might appear through the eyes of a toddler. Boomer is confused about the chaos and movements of moving day, but ultimately finds a place to play, food to eat, and a safe place to sleep at the end of his busy day. 2+

10. Katie Moves by Liesbet Slegers
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My kids were most concerned with what would happen to their stuff when we moved and I feel like this book addressed that fear really well. Love the suggestion of putting a picture of them on their box. 2+

11. What You Know First by Patricia MacLachlan
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This is an extra book because it is more for older children. It is about a child pondering her move from the prairie west with her family. She is not sure she wants to leave and ponders where she could live if she stays behind. The message about remembering your first home is heartwarming and the language and illustrations are striking. 4+

12. The Invisible String by Patrice Karst
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You may have heard of this bestselling children’s book before. It is an excellent story for addressing a range of issues including divorce, death, and fear of separation. The story about how you are always connected to those you love is also great for moving. One of children’s biggest concerns when they are getting ready to move is their friends. This illustration of how love and friendship are stronger than space, time, or anything else will be comforting to kids worried or upset about moving away from family and friends. 4+

Best Picture Books about Moving with Kids

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