KidArtLit Subscription Box

“Mama! A new art box is here!” The shout is full of excitement that warms my heart almost as much as the cheerful box on our doorstep.

A new KidArtLit box is here!

We move inside in a flurry of backpacks and coats and shoes and somehow tumble to the kitchen without anyone getting hurt in the excitement.

The box is torn open and bright yellow tissue paper greets us. My twins pull it open together and gleefully announce the contents.

Our new hardcover book and guide to this month’s activities.

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KidArtLit Subscription Box

The Ready-Set-Go activity that I know will be fun and creative, but also super quick and easy.

KidArtLit Subscription Box

Another open ended art activity. My daughter is super excited about those cute little leaf cutters.

KidArtLit Subscription Box

And a surprise gift! Oh I’m excited about this! My head is already dreaming of Morning Invitation┬ápossibilities!

KidArtLit Subscription Box

“Read the book Mama!” my son shouts. They hurry to get a snack and a cup of milk and settle at the table eager with anticipation. They know it’s going to be good.

And that’s what I love about these boxes. I know they’re going to be good too.

KidArtLit Subscription Box

6 Things You Can Count on with a KidArtLit Subscription;

  1. A gorgeous hardcover children’s book you will be thrilled to add to your home collection.
  2. A quick bonus activity that you can do when your kids are bursting with that initial excitement.
  3. An open ended art activity that inspires creativity. I often use these as our Morning Invitation the next day.
  4. Enough materials for two kids! And ALL the materials you will need. There’s no hunting for flour or cutting string. If you need it, it is in the box.
  5. A mini-magazine that show you exactly what to do with clear, easy steps.
  6. Simple, creative, engaging fun your kids will look forward to every month.

Kid Art Lit Subscription Box Creative Gift for Christmas and All Year

Later when we dive into the activity my kids are eager and quickly soaked into the process.

Kid Art Lit Subscription Box Creative Gift for Christmas and All Year

Today they are making salt dough leaves. They chat about what they’re doing and who they think they might want to gift their leaves to when they’re ready.

“Maybe we could paint them too Mama?”

I love how creativity breeds creativity. These kinds of activities seem to slow us down and inspire other ideas for making.

Kid Art Lit Subscription Box Creative Gift for Christmas and All Year

In that way, even when we’ve used the materials and added the now well-read book to our shelf it is the gift that keeps giving.

And there’s always the next box to look forward to!

Who this gift is perfect for:

We love bookish gifts. There isn’t much that’s more exciting then getting home and finding a delightful bookish box sitting on your doorstep. That is why THIS box is on our list of perfect gifts for kids. A KidArtLit box or subscription is perfect for –

  • Families with 1 or 2 kids ages 3-8 years old. (Bigger families would want more than one kit per month or would need to gather extra supplies)
  • Busy moms or dads who want to do creative activities but have limited time.
  • Grandparents who want an easy activity to pull out when grand-kids visit.
  • Kids ages 3-8 who love books and art activities.

Kid Art lit Subscription Box Creative Gift for Kids

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