Outerspace Picture Books for kids

3-2-1….BLAST OFF!

My kids are kind of space nuts. And when I say kind of I mean WOW.

I hope you guys feel the same way, or at least a normal amount of fascination with space, because we are going to be reading all about outer space this week.

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Outerspace Read Alouds

Book Suggestions for Week 15

Monday: Read a Book About Outerspace

To The Stars! The First American Woman in Space by Carmella Van Vleet

This is the story of Kathy Sullivan and how she became the first American woman astronaut in space. Kathy is an inspiring, energetic woman and her journey bursts off the pages. This is my daughter’s favorite book about outerspace. PS. The back has a brief history of women in space that makes me want to learn even more! 3+

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Tuesday: Read a Book about Rockets

On The Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets by Michael Dahl

A simple countdown from 12 stars twinkle in the morning sky and 11 workers take care of tasks to ONE shining rocket blasting off to the sky. Perfect introduction to the exciting event of a takeoff for a little one. 2+

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Wednesday: Read a Non-Fiction Book

Living in Space by Katie Daynes

This is another awesome non-fiction book from Usborne. We love this series and this one in particular. My kids are fascinated by the idea of the International Space Station and this helped to answer some of their many, many, many questions. 3+

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Thursday: Read a Book about the Earth

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr

Can a little kid really help save the planet? When you read this book you will be convinced they can. THE EARTH BOOK is full of little things that make a big difference to our planet. I love how it empowers kids to take action in their every day lives. It also happens to be the featured book for our Earth story time later this month. 2+

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Friday: Read a Book about Astronauts

Mousetraunaut Goes to Mars by Astronaut Mark Kelly

This adorable book follows the adventures of a mouse astronaut, Meteor. He is determined to be apart of the first human mission to Mars. Children will be rooting along for this little mouse hero. This is the second book about Meteor, we also love the original Mousetronaut. It was written by a real astronaut, which my kids think is beyond cool. 3+

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Saturday: Read a Book about Stars

Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee

You will walk away from this one thinking about the night sky in a whole new way. Mary Lyn Ray’s text reads like poetry and I just adore Marla Frazee’s illustration style. This whole book is full of warmth and imagination and reading it is like a feeling yourself fill up with wonder. Can you tell I like it a bit? 2+

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Sunday Author Spotlight: Brian Floca

Brian Floca is a non-fiction picture book genius. From cars (The Racecar Alphabet is awesome) to trains (you read this award winner, right?) to a whole host of other topics (including this one about Lightships – did you know that was a thing? We didn’t) he knocks non-fiction out of the park in an amazing way. I love his illustrations. I love the words he chooses to tell a story. I love how much I learn every time I open one of his books.

You can see his full book list and some fun online extra resources and coloring pages on his site: brianfloca.com

Moonshot by Brian Floca

Moonshot  is an incredible book about space. Stunning illustrations, fascinating information, and amazing retelling of the story of Apollo 11 for the next generation. When we did our Unit on Outerspace last year we were so obsessed with this book we even decided to re-enact it puppet theater style. 4+

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