Read Every Day Challenge

“Mama? What does that say?” He asks as we slug along in the rain towards school.

“No parking.”

“Mama? What does that say?” She asks as she skips ahead of us.



All the way to school. All the way to the park. On the subway. At the store.

Everywhere we go these days my twins find words and I hear that refrain. “Mama? What does that say?”

Words are all around us.

We love books. That’s pretty obvious right? 18 Weeks into this challenge I’ve probably said “I love this book…” a hundred times.

This week I challenge you to think about environmental print – those words that are all around us.

There are some fun books that look at environmental print, (books like this by Tana Hoban for example) but you can also read signs, cereal boxes, etc.

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Ideas for Week 18: Words are All Around Us

Monday: Look for Words to read in the Living Room

Looking around our living room there are games with titles popping out from one shelf. There is a magazine on the end table. There are BRIO trains peeking out from a basket on our shelf, many with their Thomas and Friends names proudly written on their sides. What words or letters can your child spot?

Tuesday: Read a Book with the Letter J

The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson and Helen Oxenbury

I thought about looking for a Environmental Print related book for the Letter J but then this one landing in my mailbox and I just had to share. I am so so excited about this book! These are two of my favorite picture book creators and they have teamed up and created SUCH a fun read aloud. Get this one today!

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Wednesday: Read a Magazine

I love a good story. I was the kid that curled up with Laura Ingalls Wilder and cruised through all of the Nancy Drew mysteries on the shelf at the library. I love stories. I love books.

This is not every child.

Reading is not just about getting lost in a really good story. It serves so many purposes and sharing some of these with children is important.

Another way to do this is to share magazines. There are some really great ones for kids. Below are the 3 that we have subscriptions to – I’d love to hear about your favorites too!

1.Highlights for Children

My kids like the silly pictures, the short poems, and the stories in these magazines. They have 3 different levels of magazine starting with an adorable baby one. My kids have been getting these since they were about 1 and they are consistently a hit.

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2.National Geographic for Kids

My kids are huge STEM fans. My son loves all things nature, weather, and physics based. My daughter loves anything to do with animals. National Geographic for Kids offers both.

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This one is more for older kids and mine (at almost 6) are just starting to get into it. It is also based out of the UK so it can be more difficult / costly to get in the US. It happens to be one of the highest quality magazines I have every seen for children. If you child likes fantasy and fairy tales especially then check out this one.

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Thursday: Look for Words in the Bathroom

Okay I know this sounds a little weird, but especially when you’re in those diaper changing / potty training years you spend a lot of time in the bathroom. A LOT. And when you have twins you basically feel like you live there for 3 years.

We had some fun waterproof books that hung out in our bathroom, but we also liked to have fun looking for letters and words. Shampoo bottles. Toothpaste containers. Toilet paper and Kleenex….you get the idea.

Friday: Write and Read Chalk Messages

Chalk is just so full of possibilities. We love it on paper. We love it on chalkboards. We love it on sidewalks. We love especially love it on wet sidewalks – have you tried that?

Chalk can also be used to practice reading. Every since we learned this Sight Word Chalk Game from An Educators’ Spin On It it has become one of my twins’ absolute favorite things to do outside. I think you could also do something similar with Letters for younger kids. Or even colors? Numbers? Again those limitless possibilities.

Saturday: Read Signs While You Walk or Drive

I felt like once my kids were tall enough to see out the windows in the backseat a whole new world opened up to them. Around the time they turned 3 they became particularly obsessed with the signs so we started playing a couple games.

1. Look for X

Have your child look for a particular sign. For example, stop signs. How many stop signs can they count between home and your destination? You can also look for red signs, green signs, stoplights, railroad signs, etc.

2. Navigate with Mom

This one we played a lot when they were learning their letter names. Once we got reasonably close to a destination (usually around the time they were antsy and needed a little distraction) I would ask if they could help me navigate.

I would explain we were going to the zoo (for example) so we needed to look for signs with the word Zoo. Could they help? What letter did they think Zoo started with? Hmmm…ZZZ – a Z! Can you look for a z? Then they would usually be able to spot the sign – if not I would point it out – and then say “oh good! That says we’re 5 miles from the zoo!” Okay we need to keep watching. The next one should show us where to get off…and proceed like that until we reached our destination.

Sunday Author Spotlight: Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes is the best of the best for me. She writes. She illustrates. She creates these characters that you know. That you feel like you’ve always known. She brings the messy, cluttered, beautiful every day life with children alive for kids and their parents around the world and has been doing so for decades. Shirley Hughes has published over 70 books in her lifetime which is so staggeringly awesome I had to triple check to make sure I had that correct.

I know favorite books and authors often become that because of when and where and how we are introduced to them and part of my affection is likely because of my when and where and how, but she is delightful. I hope you will surround yourself by books she has written and/or illustrated this week and let me know your personal favorite.

Check Out the Alfie Website

Alfie Gets in First by Shirley Hughes

Since Hughes has been writing books since the 1960s and is based in the UK there are many I haven’t read. Many that aren’t in print anymore. (70 books – that’s so many!) I think Don’t Want to Go is fun for younger preschoolers and Ella’s Big Chance is one of the most original takes on the story of Cinderella.

I have also read every single story about Alfie in existence and he is my favorite and her most well known work. My absolute favorite story about Alfie is An Evening at Alfie’s because it is the one I remember most from my childhood, but this is the favorite for my kids.

Alfie Gets in First is the first story about Alfie. On the way back from the store, Mom sets the basket of food with the keys inside and then goes to help Annie Rose out of her stroller. Alfie hurries ahead of them and slams the door shut. Suddenly he is trapped on one side unable to reach the latch and Mom is on the other side. It is an every day moment that could happen to anyone everywhere. It is a story about family, about neighbors, about childhood, and ultimately about some clever problem solving on the part of one sweet little boy.

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