Star Bright Inspired Christmas Ornament Kid Made

Our living room feels aglow with lights from the Christmas tree and our star lights twinkling in the window from my snuggly nook on the couch. I have my coziest socks warming my toes, a blanket pulled up around me, and a mug of hot and minty cocoa warming my fingertips. No matter where we have lived it is this warmth and glow from the Christmas lights that makes a home feel like home at Christmas time.

Light in the darkness. That’s what Christmas is supposed to be all about, right?

How do you bottle up that light and gift it? Unless you’re gifting a lamp, this is a hard task to accomplish in a literal sense, but this story and ornament are inspired by that desire.

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Read: Star Bright: A Christmas Story

Star Bright: A Christmas Story by Alison McGhee and Peter H. Reynolds

The angels are all aflutter about a new baby that is about to be born. The newest angel can tell this baby is special and wants to give him a gift of her own, but what? Traditionalists are probably going to be erked by the quirky angel depiction and the liberties taken with the story of the Nativity, but I think this book is a delight. A beautiful story about giving gifts of the most lovely and pure kind. The words are artful and moving and the illustrations are creative and stunning. This is one of our favorite Christmas stories.

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When I read this book I’m struck by two things. One the beauty. The words and the pictures are the kind that warm your soul. Second, I love that this book shows how the littliest of us can do something great and wonderful.

Involving our twins in Christmas creating and gifting is just one way that I work to pass along this power. Kids can make and share such beauty. Crafting Christmas Ornaments is one of our very favorite activities this time of year.

Star Bright Inspired Christmas Ornament Kid Made


Make: Star Bright Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are super simple to make, but they are pretty and glittery and joyful. They make me feel close to the wonderful way that this book does. I hope they do the same for you.

Star Bright Christmas Ornament Loose Parts Invitation


I bought all of our materials at our local craft store, but they are also available online. I have included links below to save you a trip to the store or lots of searching.

18 Gauge Wire

Wire Cutter


Washi Tape

Wooden Shape (optional) – Without Hole OR With Hole

Hammer (optional)

Nail (optional)

Star Bright Christmas Ornament Loose Parts Invitation

Step One: Form Star and Cut Wire

The first step is to form a star out of your wire. I did this for our 5 year olds before I showed them the activity, but older kids could do this step on their own.

This was the trickiest part of the project for me and honestly it wasn’t that hard, I just don’t have much patience.

Tie or twist the end of your star to create a little knot like spot for your beads to stop at when you are done shaping the star.

Decide how long you want your ornament to extend (leaving some room for beads, tape if desired, and shape at the end if desired) and then cut using your wire cutters.

Star Bright Christmas Ornament Loose Parts Invitation

Step Two: Add Decoration to Wire

Add the color and shine! This is the fun part.

Fold tape over the wire.

Add colored beads.

Remember that there is no one correct way to do this. Show your child the different materials you have in your basket and then let them figure out what they want to do. They will all look a little different and that is part of the fun.

Step Three: Twist End – Around Heart (Optional)

At the bottom we added a heart to label who it was from and who the ornament is for. I think this is optional, but a nice was to end your ornament.

In the materials list above I included links for hearts with and without the hole. I can’t imagine why you would want to add the hole on your own like I did (hammer and nail did the trick) but if you’re into hammering have at it. Otherwise, online they have wooden hearts with the hole pre-cut.

Simply put the wire through the hole and twist it back up and around itself to lock the heart in place.

Star Bright Inspired Christmas Ornament Kid Made

Super simple right? We’re all about easy, but creative and beautiful. I think this is all of those things. A little beauty and shine to share with those you love this Christmasy time of year.

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