Best Sledding Picture Books for Kids

Do you have enough snow for sledding yet? After two winters in Mississippi my twins are anxiously anticipating their first snowfall. They can’t wait to sled down the hill in our nearby park before mom urges them back inside for a mug of cocoa.

Below are some sledding books to love that are inspired by similar adventures. They are perfect books for curling up and reading on a snowy day.

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10 Best Books about Sledding

1. Little Rabbit’s Christmas by Harry Horse
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Such a sweet story about a little rabbit who desperately wants a red sled for Christmas. He gets his wish, but then refuses to share his new gift with anyone. When disaster strikes and his sled is broken, it is his friends who share their gifts with him. Timeless message about sharing and a look at the real meaning of Christmas. 2+

2. The Red Sled by Lita Judge

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This is one of my all-time favorite winter books. It is a nearly wordless book that uses crisp, simple illustrations to depict a sledding adventure. A unique and wonderful book to add to your collection. 1+

3. Sledding by Elizabeth Winthrop

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Great book about sledding, snowy day fun, and a sibling bond. We love the brightly colored illustrations and the many, many layers they put on for their day in the cold. 3+

4. Snow Day by Lester L. Laminack

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Snow is in the forecast which immediately triggers dreams of the perfect snow day! This of course includes sledding, among other snowy day favorites. Unfortunately the forecast was incorrect and this leads to a silly surprise ending. The fun illustrations were my favorite part, but the whole thing is good fun. 3+

5. Clifford’s First Snow Day by Norman Bridwell

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My kids love all of the Clifford books, but the ones about puppy Clifford are their favorites. This one is another snow day book – Clifford’s First. If your kids love Clifford, this wintery tale will be a hit. 2+

6. A Perfect Day by Carin Berger

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The beautiful illustrations are what make this book stand out. It tells the story of a perfect day – the kind of snow day every child envisions when the words “snow day!” are uttered. 3+

7. Fancy Nancy: There’s No Day Like a Snow Day by Jane O’Connor

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My daughter went through a major Fancy Nancy phase. Always playful, creative, and fun I get why these books are so popular. This edition of Fancy Nancy is full of her trademark snazzy style and elevated vocabulary (blizzard, frolic, etc) as Fancy Nancy and her friends enjoy a snow day. There’s no doubt this is the fanciest snow day.

8. Red Sled by Patricia Thomas

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A brief sledding adventure between a father and a snow on a snowy night. This is a fun story, but also an excellent example of rhyming words. The text is a brief 70 word poem. Brief and flowing, this is a wonderful sledding book to share with young children or have beginner readers read to you. 1+

9. Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman

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Can you imagine ten silly animals on a sled? Even just the image in your head is probably ridiculous and that’s exactly what this story is – pure silly fun. Based on the poem, Ten in the Bed, this counting book puts ten different animals on a large sled barreling down a mountain. One by one they fall off, described with lovely diverse language. A bright, happy, comedic snowy day adventure. 3+

10. Hooray for Snow by Kazuo Iwamura

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The illustrations are what makes this book truly special. HOORAY FOR SNOW! tells a simple story of little squirrels who are delighted when it snows. They urge their reluctant daddy to come out and go sledding with them. Ultimately, even their dad has a fun time in the snow. The story is straightforward and familiar to most parents faced with another cold snowy day, but the delicate illustrations make it magical. 3+


10 Very Best Books about Sledding


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