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Are your kids active? These are books for you!

My twins cannot sit still. Their kindergarten teacher kindly refers to them as “energetic” and I know exactly what she means. The only time they actually sit still is to listen to a story and even then they can be wiggly.

The books on this list are about being active. They are about sports and movement and energy.


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Picture Books about sports and active kids

Active Kids

Book Suggestions for Week 16

Monday: Read and Do Yoga

I Am Yoga by Susan Verde

Have you done yoga with your child or class or library group before? It is such a fun, yet somewhat calm way, to move. My kids love yoga (our train yoga routine is a favorite) and we especially love yoga inspired by books. There are a ton of fun ones but this beautiful book is one of our favorites.

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Tuesday: Read a Book about Baseball

Waiting for Pumpsie by Barry Wittenstein

Baseball fan or not this is an AMAZING book. I almost didn’t review this one when Charlesbridge offered it because I’m not really a baseball fan (Sorry Dad. Hides in shame.) but I’m so glad I did. In my opinion this is one of the most well written books of the year. It is the story of a little boy waiting for the very first black baseball player (Pumpsie) to get moved up to the majors of his beloved Boston Red Sox. It is the perfect blend of history and characters and honesty and hope. So well done. Please read.

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Wednesday: Read a Book about Dancing

Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance by Brigitta Sif

Gosh I love this book. It is about dancing, but even more than that it is about not being afraid to be yourself. I love Brigitta Sif….I’ve mentioned that a few times right? Her illustrations. The way she tells a story. The wonderful glowing feeling I always have when I’m done reading…Love it.

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Thursday: Read a Book about Soccer

Maisy Plays Soccer by Lucy Cousins

I read this one to my kids before their first season of soccer. It is the perfect little introduction to the sport. We love the Maisy books in general. The bold illustrations and sweet friends. This is a great book for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Friday: Read a Book Outside

Sometimes all you need to do to change things up is change the environment. Take a book outside this week. Maybe take a yoga book outside and do some yoga out there. Take a book that encourages you to wiggle (this is one of our favorites) and move and take movement breaks. Or just grab a big quilt and curl up with a stack under a tree.

Saturday: Read an Easy Reader

Don’t Throw It To Mo! by David A. Adler

Easy Readers are great for early readers (obviously) but they are also great for younger kids because they tell stories with brief text and helpful illustrations. So whether for your new reader or for your toddler, grab an easy reader this week. This is a fun sports themed one about that kid that gets picked last. Don’t worry – Mo surprises everyone in the end.

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Sunday Author Spotlight: Pat Hutchins

Pat Hutchins is one of those author/illustrators that has been creatively engaging kids for generations. Most of her books I have shared with my kids are from when I was a kid – I always think that is so fun. Scroll through her amazing list of publications and you’ll likely spot a lot that you recognize too. Pat also wins the award for cutest author site I have seen yet – check it out:

Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins

I own a bunch of books by Pat Hutchins, but this is my favorite. ROSIE’S WALK is masterful in the way the text and illustrations work together. This is one of those books they use in children’s literature courses and writing classes to help explain what it means for the two to be perfectly paired. It is simple enough for a toddler and amusing enough for an early elementary schoolers.

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