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Picture books has the incredible ability to capture and inspire your imagination. They bring to life new places and different experiences. The best make you temporarily get lost in their pages.

Below are some of our favorites.

This post was originally shared as part of our A Read A Day Challenge.

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Imagination Picture Books for A Read A Day

Imagination Picture Books

Book Suggestions for Week 17

Monday: Read a Book about Imagination

Journey by Aaron Becker

This is a stunning wordless book. There are two others in this “series” now that follow the same vein of imagination filled adventure. It is a modern version of Harold and the Purple Crayon, but truthfully it is a work of art. Definitely the kind of thing to encourage imagination.

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Tuesday: Read a Book with the Letter I

 Wemberly’s Ice Cream Star by Kevin Henkes

This is one of Henkes’ adorable board books (you remember me raving about Kevin Henkes right?). I have a particular fondness for sweet Wemberly and my kids loved all of these books when they were in that older infant/younger toddler pulling all the books of the library shelf stage.

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Wednesday: Read a Classic

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

It is hard to get more classic than this amazing book. This is another one of those books that we studies in my kids lit classes and it is truly genius. It also happens to be a lot of fun. My kids love this just as much as I did when I was little.

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Thursday: Read a Wordless Book

Where’s Walrus by Stephen Savage

Wordless books often blow me away because I lack the ability to illustrate anything recognizable. These are books that tell a story with just pictures and they are full of potential for kids of all ages. This cute book asks the reader to help the zookeeper find the escaped Walrus in each picture. You and your kids will get a kick out of this one. You can also find more of our favorite wordless books in this post.

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Friday: Read a Homemade Book

Do you guys ever make your own books? We make super simple ones (think some construction paper folded in half and stapled together) books a lot. We make them about trips we take. We make them about an interest or the current season.

This activity is good for kids about 3 and up. Staple some paper together and have them dictate or write a story and draw little illustrations. For older kids you can keep this more open ended, but with younger kids I have found it helpful to give them a little structure.

For example, a Spring Book. On the cover write “In Spring I See…” and then on each page have them write/dictate and draw something they see in Spring.

With my preschoolers I used to have each child in my class make a page and then staple them all together to make a class book. These were often some of their favorite ones to look through in our book area.

I love the idea of taking this kind of Imagination Self Portrait and making it into a book.

Saturday: Read a Book about Princesses, Dragons, or Castles

Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el

We have no shortage of books about Princesses – my daughter went through a major Princess phase – but this is a fun one that just about anyone will enjoy…no I take that back. I think I can guarantee that if you have a 3-5 year old they will think this is hilarious. Dan Bar-el has created a story that defies expectations in the best kind of way. A dragon that blows bubbles and beach balls instead of flames. A knight in training who is afraid of dragons. A wonderful book about differences, being who you are, and ignoring first impressions.

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Sunday Author Spotlight: Audrey Wood

I adore Audrey Wood almost as much as Shirley Hughes…almost. She is another author that I grew up with and many of my childhood favorites were written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by her husband, Don. I love her books for different reasons though.

Audrey Woods is wonderful at coming up with preposterous situations (like a King that won’t get out of the bathtub or that Silly Sally going to town upside down) and excels at storytelling. Her books are just fun. There is also often an element of the little guy outsmarting others or surprising you that is just perfect when you are a kid.

She has written so many that maybe rather than trying to summarize them or her, it is best to say – her books make me smile – and send you here for a better look.

King Bidgood is in The Bathtub by Audrey Wood

As a kid this was my favorite book by Audrey Wood and it is now my daughter’s. It is the silly story of a King that won’t get out of the tub. Everyone tries to get him out without success until the Page wisely just pulls the plug. The repetition is well done, the story is funny, and the illustrations are wonderful.

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