I hope you’re hungry! This week’s theme is all about food.

If you’re planning a story time about food or a unit on food then this is the list for you!

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Let’s Eat! Food Themed Read Aloud Ideas

Monday: Read a Book about Pizza

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturges

This is one of our favorite versions of The Little Red Hen. It follows the traditional format, but instead of bread the Little Red Hen is making delicious pizza.

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Tuesday: Read a Book at Lunch

Wednesday: Read a Book with Numbers in the Title

1 Big Salad : A Delicious Counting Book by Juana Medina

I don’t know if this book will convince my kids to eat salad, but it is certainly worth a shot. This book has so much fun with fruit and vegetables. Simple text and playful illustrations.

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Thursday: Read a Book with the Letter O

Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall

This is a classic from my childhood that I was thrilled to share with kids. It is a quiet story that follows a family as they farm and craft all year round. Then the dad brings everything to the market. Simple, but beautifully illustrated and told.

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Friday: Read a Book with a Yellow Spine

Saturday: Read a Book about a Cookie (or other dessert)

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

Apparently I am on a classic kick. This is another great one. It is a fun story about a tray of cookies and a whole bunch of guests. It is also excellent for a quick math lesson.

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Sunday Author Spotlight: Lois Ehlert

I’ve always enjoyed Lois Ehlert’s picture books, but what I love most is her distinctive illustration style. She creates her pictures with everything from scissors, paper, and glue to wire, textiles, and more. The result is colorful and textured and fabulous.

Ehlert is from my home state of Wisconsin which always tickled me as a kid. She has written books on a wide variety of subjects, but they are primarily of the non-fiction, nature influenced variety. Her first book, Growing Vegetable Soup, is still widely read in classrooms and libraries and homes today.

Learn more about Ehlert:

Lois Ehlert Resource Guide

A Video Interview with Ehlert

5 Questions for Lois Ehlert from Horn Book

Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert

We love and own many of Ehlert’s books, but this is our favorite about food. It inspired us to try all kinds of new fruits and vegetables. A fun and beautiful alphabet book.

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