Collecting rocks, roasting marshmallows, canoeing on lakes – we love camping. The weather is warming up. It’s time to start reserving campsites and dusting off camping gear. Whether you’re getting ready for a camping trip or preparing for a Camping Story Time, these are some great picture books about camping.

I found camping books for children to be a lacking and disappointing corner of Children’s Literature. We read at least 20 books about camping and only found a few that we loved. If you have suggestions, please comment below or send me an email!

The list below are 10 books great about camping. Our favorite of which was When You Are Camping which is beautifully illustrated and embraces the simple joys of nature. The last two books on our list are not about camping specifically, but I’ve found rocks and fishing by a lake or pond to be common camping themes and thus included these to round out the list.

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10+ Best Picture Books about Camping

1. When You Are Camping by Anne Lee

This is a beautiful book with soft watercolor pictures. I loved its message about camping and loving the outdoors.

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2. When Daddy Took Us Camping by Julie Brillhart

This is a fun book that goes through the typical camping itinerary.

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3. S is for S’mores: A Camping Alphabet by Helen Foster James

A wonderful collection of topics and vocabulary. Great conversation starter.

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4. Curious George Goes Camping by Margret & H.A. Rey

My children love Curious George so this was a huge hit.

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5. Fred and Ted: Go Camping by Peter Eastman

Fun rhyming book full of comedic escapades.

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6. Camping in Green by Christianne C. Jone

Exploration of the color green in the setting of a camping trip. This would be a fun one to take with you on your camping trip to use for inspiration.

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7. Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins

Maisy is a fun character and this is a sweet book about camping.

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8. The Busy World of Richard Scarry Camping Out by Richard Scarry

We love Richard Scarry’s book about transportation. He has a wonderful way of creating illustrations that draw you in to discover details.

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9. If You Find a Rock by Peggy Christian

A beautiful, poetic book about rocks. Until I read this book, I really had no appreciation for these little stones my children collect. Loved this perspective on what my children see as treasures.

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10. The Noisy Counting Book by Susan Schade and Jon Buller

This is such a fun book! A little boy is fishing on a lake that grows noisier and noisier as animals gather around. Highly recommend this read even if you aren’t planning a camping or pond trip.

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11. A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek

A stunning book about the imagination, creativity, and wonder possible in the woods.

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