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Hi there! I’m Erin. I am a writer, mama, and complete book nerd. I’m so excited you are here! Want to know a little more about me? Keep reading! Just looking for how to contact me? Scroll to the bottom.

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Who I Read With Most: I worked as a toddler and preschool teacher for over 10 years after I got my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I loved finding books that would grab their attention, make them laugh, or wonder, or ask a million questions. These days, my own 6 year old boy/girl twins are my first audience for any new book. They love books and  have heard thousands in their few short years.

My all time favorites: Ugh. This is such a hard question, but I get asked all the time. My favorite picture books are probably the Alfie books. I am a bit obsessed with Shirley Hughes and her amazing ability to capture the beauty in the every day clutter of life. My favorite chapter book is Matilda. When I was little I was quite convinced that if I read enough I might just be able to move things with my mind too.

Where You’ll Find Me: Browsing the library shelves and bookstore nooks in New York, NY.  My hubby’s job moves us around every few years which means we have lots of opportunities to explore new places. So far we have lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Mississippi and now New York City.

What else? I’m a beach addict. I drink hot cocoa year round. I’m living with Cystic Fibrosis. I love to go on adventures with my twins (you can read about them on Bambini Travel).


*My Very Favorite Children’s Books. The ones that you will read over and over again to your little audience.

*Awesome Booklists of carefully chosen books about any and every topic that life presents.

*Preschool Storytime Ideas for your preschooler, preschool classroom, or preschool story hour. Books paired with songs, rhymes, and activities perfect for 3-5 year olds getting ready for Kindergarten. I am working to provide everything from common themes to less common ones and something for every time of the year. Check back often!

*Baby + Toddler Storytime Ideas for the littler ones. Picture books that are perfect for shorter attention spans and quick activities to engage babies and toddlers and their parents.

*Tips for Storytime. From ways to engage your audience to how to pick the best books to read aloud, these tips will help make your next story time your very best yet.


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