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A challenge for you- anyone who spends time every day with a child or group of children – to spend a little time every single day for 365 days reading aloud.

Now there is a good chance you do this already. I know I’m not the only one who reads a book to my kids before I tuck them in bed. So to you, I challenge you to find one extra time of day to read a book to your child. At breakfast, in the car pool lane, while they sit in the tub, or just read 2 books instead of 1, whatever works for you.

This is one of those things where there’s really no such thing as too much.


You can read more about the WHYs and WHATs involved in this post.


Reading should not be homework that we tack on to an already busy day. Reading should be something fun that we do together. A joyous break from the busyness and chaos of our lives. We need to re-frame how we think about reading and teaching our kids how to read. Let’s get started!

A Read A Day Challenge from My Storytime Corner

What do you have to do?

  1. Subscribe below and you’ll immediately gain access to this and any prior month’s reading challenges.
  2. Print the Challenge + Post it somewhere you will see every day.
  3. Read a book a day and check off that day’s box.
  4. As you go, tag a picture of you reading to your child or a photo of what you read to Instagram with the tag #aReadaDayMONTH (ex. February’s tag is #aReadaDayFEBRUARY) to enter the giveaway drawing. You can tag one photo per day – each counts as an entry for that month’s giveaway!
  5. At the beginning next month, I will choose one (or two or three…) winner from those who have entered a picture under the previous month’s tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the chart you send or can I just read what I want?

My overall goals are to encourage you to read aloud more and to introduce you to some authors, books, and ideas you might not have considered. I encourage you to try new books and new ideas, but if you are reading at least one book to your child every day then you can cross off a box.

Do I have to do the ideas in order?

No. I will post a list of book ideas to go along with the suggestions for the upcoming week each Friday. You can absolutely pick your own titles, but these will give you some ideas. That being said, if you want to read a book by Shirley Hughes on Monday and it isn’t on the monthly checklist until next week – read Shirley Hughes. Check them off in any order you wish.

What if I don’t have an Instagram account?

Two options. One, you can download it for free and as evidenced by my 3 accounts, I am a fan. However if you’d rather not add one more thing to your already busy life – completely get that! – then just email me (erin@mystorytimecorner.com) your prize entry photos at the end of the month with the hashtag in the subject line and I’ll count it like you entered it under the hashtag.

I missed the beginning of this in January. Can I still join?

Yes! It’s always a good time to start working on a new goal and it’s always a good time to read aloud. Jump in whenever you want. If you look below you’ll also find links to all of my past A Read A Day Weekly posts.

Still have a question?

Email me at: erin@mystorytimecorner.com

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