Looking for a fun Reading Challenge?


A challenge for you- anyone who spends time every day with a child or group of children – to spend a little time every single day for 365 days reading aloud.


You can read more about the WHYs and WHATs involved in this post.


Ready to connect with your kids over some amazing books? Ready to get inspired with new reading ideas? Ready to meet new authors and new favorite books?

Let’s get started!

What do you have to do?

  1. Subscribe below and you’ll immediately gain access to this and any prior month’s reading challenges. You will also get access to exclusive giveaways for subscribers via email each month.
  2. Print the Challenge + Post it somewhere you will see every day. Every month we will have a new fun theme and book ideas.
  3. Read a book a day and check off that day’s box.
  4. As you go, tag a picture of you reading to your child or a photo of what you read to Instagram with the tag #aReadaDay to share what you are reading with the other challenge participants. This is a fun way to find new books to read aloud and I will re-share my favorites on @MyStorytimeCorner

Note: This has changed. If you want to read more about the changes – read this post

A Read a Day Monthly Reading Challenge for Families

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the chart you send or can I just read what I want?

My overall goals are to encourage you to read aloud more and to introduce you to some authors, books, and ideas you might not have considered. I encourage you to try new books and new ideas, but if you are reading at least one book to your child every day then you can cross off a box.

Do I have to do the ideas in order?

No. I will post towards the end of each month with a list of book ideas to go along with the suggestions for the upcoming month. You can absolutely pick your own titles, but these will give you some ideas. That being said, if you want to read a book by Shirley Hughes on Monday and it isn’t on the monthly checklist until next week – read Shirley Hughes. Check them off in any order you wish.

What if I don’t have an Instagram account?

Three options. One, you can download it for free and as evidenced by my 3 accounts, I am a fan.

However if you’d rather not add one more thing to your already busy life – completely get that! – then another option is to share them on Facebook. I will re-share my favorites here too.

Three – just do it for fun with your kids.

I missed the beginning of this in January. Can I still join?

Yes! It’s always a good time to start working on a new goal and it’s always a good time to read aloud. Jump in whenever you want. If you look below you’ll also find links to all of my past A Read A Day Weekly posts.

Still have a question?

Email me at: erin@mystorytimecorner.com

#aReadaDay Post Archives

Week 1: Hello Books & Tana Hoban

Week 2: All About Me & Mac Barnett

Week 3: Non-Themed & Ezra Jack Keats

Week 4: Let’s Learn Shapes & Leslie Patricelli

Week 5: Winter Clothing & Alexandra Day

Week 6: Non-Themed & Brigitta Sif

Week 7: Non-Themed & Anna Dewdney

Week 8: Our Big Emotions & Sandra Boynton

Week 9: Non-Themed & Karen Katz

Week 10: Colors of the Rainbow & Bob Graham

Week 11: Laugh Out Loud & Catherine Rayner

Week 12: Fairy Tales & Rachel Isadora

Week 13: Around the World & Alison McGhee

Week 14: Weather & Kevin Henkes

Week 15: Outerspace & Brian Floca

Week 16: Active Kids & Pat Hutchins

Week 17: Imagination & Audrey Wood

Week 18: Using Environmental Print & Shirley Hughes

Week 19: In the Garden & Eric Carle

Week 20: Moms & Laura Numeroff

Week 21: In The Spring & Olivier Dunrea

Week 22: Zoo & Will Hillenbrand

Week 23: Get Outside & Tad Hills

Week 24: Dads + Marla Frazee

Week 25: Let’s Eat & Lois Ehlert

Week 26: BIG CHANGES & STEM Books

July 2017: Ocean

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Blank A Read A Day

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